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2020 a micro roundup of photography. A pocketful of love. A pinch of joy.

Engagement session Devon

I am sat here trying to summon up the words for this post but they don’t come easily. Looking through the years work is usually a monumental task – some years I have shot 30-40 weddings alongside 30-40 engagement shoots. The past couple of years this has been closer to 25 to be sure I can build enough time for my family. This year this blog post is micro – like a lot of the weddings. I have been lucky to still shoot a handful of weddings, engagement shoots and really and truly they have been magnificent. I also had time to work on a new website and shoot things I would never have had time for before. Some portraits for some incredible women, I would never have met if it had not been for the strange turn of events.

I want to end this year in saying thank you to all the wonderful couples who chose me again, for all the last minute magical days that somehow fell into place like they were always meant to be. To the couples who shifted their expectations and made it work out. To all the couples who moved their dates more than a few times, enduring heartbreak and bitter disappointment. I’m still here for you when it all comes together. It will. It really will. To all the families who booked me for my new family shoots. To all the couples and families who bought albums and vouchers in the first lockdown, your support is very much appreciated. I cannot thank you all enough. 

A year when uncertainty ruled and rolling with the punches became the norm. These moments seemed all the sweeter. Soak up a little more love before we welcome 2021. We can take with us what we have learned. My beautiful friend Abi said when we met for a cuppa last week ‘It can only get easier because we now all have the tools to help us cope better.’ And she’s damn right. We have all grown this year. Let’s walk forward knowing we can face the challenges to come. Peace and love to you all xx

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