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Downsizing your wedding – Love in the time of Covid

Jilla & Ted. Third time lucky and finally they had their dream wedding day. Like so many couples this year having to postpone, move, shift and bend. Heartbreak over what could have been. Plans scrapped and scrapped again.

Despite the odds. In the face of truly difficult times. Proof that a small wedding can be utterly romantic and just as beautiful and meaningful. Jilla and Ted got in touch just a few short weeks ahead of their date this year and I’m so glad they did. With the focus on the ceremony and just getting married they really did pare it back to what a wedding is all about; two people in love promising to hold each other’s heart safe forever.

I have had a few folk asking about what a wedding with less guests looks like and how it all works so here it is. How to have a micro wedding. I plan to share a few more weddings from this year in all shapes and sizes to help you see that the nearly impossible can be possible and actually suppress all your expectations. Until then I leave you with Jilla’s lovely words…

“Lovely lovely Emma,
Thank you again! We are just SPEECHLESS. So are all our friends and family. The pictures are magical. All we could have possibly hoped for and much more! I’ve spent two days just looking and looking. 
Thanks for coming to our humble gathering and capturing these precious, candid moments so artistically. 
You did the impossible and made Ted and I relax in front of the camera – mostly because it felt like a friend was pointing it at us rather than a stranger. 
And a big hug for all the kind, thoughtful things you did; being the voice of calm reason before the ceremony; and preparing my bouquet – Otherwise it would have been a dripping disaster!  I kind of knew we were getting a professional artist, but it was an unexpected bonus to get to know a truly lovely person.”
If you are planning a much smaller wedding that you had expected please do get in touch as I have some very reasonable bespoke pricing options available. Elopements and small weddings from £450. Just like this one.

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