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An awesome engagement shoot at Saunton Sands – Clare & Luke

Sunset, surf, freckles, salty skin, scrunched up happy faces, wild hair and wild hearts, neon swimwear and Saunton Sands – this shoot is a real reflection of Clare & Luke plus their amazing dog Rocco.  When I first Skyped these guys I KNEW we’d get on so damn well! I also thought they had some brilliant ideas on how to make their wedding and their engagement shoot stacked full of their personalities. It’s SO good when folk weave their past, present and future into it all and make something that speaks volumes about themselves as individuals and as a couple. They were so brave (or plain crazy) still going ahead with the plan to run in the sea at the end as what you cannot see in the photos was that the chill factor of the wind was about 2 degrees; it was bloody freezing and yet they still made it look easy. We all had numb toes by the end! As you can see these two know how to have fun so here’s to the future and the wedding next year! I cannot wait!!!! xxx

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