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A sunny Cornish Elopement at Cosawes Barton – Katy & Mike

What could be more romantic than running away with your small family to Cornwall to tie the knot? Katy & Mike did just that. There is something so magical about Cornwall – it imbues you with a free spirit and romantic ideals; it gives you a sense of space and light and fun and endless possibilities… It is one of those places that captures your heart forever and you take it home with you – sand in your shoes and in Katy & Mike’s case – two wedding rings and lifetime of wonderful sunshiney memories. The sea salt creeps into your bones and never leaves you. It is a love affair that lasts a lifetime so I can only imagine that’s why Katy & Mike chose this place to set their love in stone.

Being a wedding photographer is always super special, I get let in on all sorts of secrets and the trust I am given I guard carefully; but this day was something more – I was witness to the vows and signed the register. It was an absolute honour and something I will always cherish.  I also got to help Katy get dressed which again was a beautiful moment. I will always be humbled by these moments. Oh and didn’t she just look like a goddess? Something happens to all people getting married – they just glow from inside, I think it’s from knowing the search for your soulmate is over and that these wonderful, happy days will play out for ever more. You have your ally, your best friend and your all-round fave person who has your back. You vow to get through the tough times and promise to laugh together through the crazy ride of life. What could be better? When you strip it all back – no matter how big or small, simple or extravagant the wedding day – all that matters in those moments is what you say to each other. Love makes the world go round right? Thanks so much to Katy and Mike for letting me in on all this magic xxx

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