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A Tropical Trevenna Wedding – Leah & Joe

Leah & Joe had a totally tropical day at Trevenna – except one thing – it was bloody freezing!!! The sun shone for them but the chilly spring wind made sure that we all knew we were in Cornwall – not St Kitts!! Looking back at the photographs I can hardly remember the goosebumps and these pair braved it all – especially when we made a mad dash onto the moors for some evening portraits.

I cannot tell you how brilliant Leah & Joe are. If I were younger and a bit cooler I’d definitely try to be their mates. You just know when you are around them that you are in for a fun ride! And what a day they had.

Instead of me banging on about it all I have decided to let you see and feel it all in the photos – seeing as that’s what I do. I’ll also just leave this email here – I think they were happy with their photos 😉

“Emma, I could CRY! With pure happiness. Oh my god. You have captured the day absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much. I have no words I love each and every single one of them, they are beautiful.

How do I decide what to put on a canvas? The whole house will be covered.
But seriously Emma you are absolutely incredible and so unbelievably talented, thank you so much for being our wonderful photographer I couldn’t of wished for better. 
We both absolutely adored you from the moment we met you and you have exceeded our expectations. You made the day so fun and enjoyable, every one who met you said how lovely you were. There are so many beautiful natural photos (which is exactly what I wanted) you have captured where I didn’t even realise you were there.
I will never be able to say thank you enough.
All our love,
Leah & Joe xxxx
P.S please can I hire you to follow me constantly?!?!”
Leah & Joe – the feeling is totally mutual. If you ever need a photographer stalker – just shout!

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