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A wedding that was always meant to be – Bethany & Euan.

Wedding-Photographer-Devon_a-microwedding-in-2020The wedding that was written in the stars. Against all the odds and all the hurdles and changes that kept on rolling in, Bethany & Euan planned to go ahead with their wedding on their chosen date no matter what the restrictions turned out to be. They lucked out and were able to have a wedding with 30 guests just two weeks before numbers were cut again to 15.  

I’m sharing this wedding not only because it was jaw-droppingly beautiful and felt like a miracle that it was actually happening but also because it proves how love can really conquer all given a small pinch of luck and some help from the universe. I also wanted to share it for all the couples this year who are struggling to decide what to do about their upcoming wedding. To show how a smaller wedding can feel and look. To show howe actually what really matters is the actual marriage part, committing and promising to one another, which in an era of overwhelming Pinterest boards and choice can get a little lost. Don’t get me wrong I totally fell into the Pinterest trap when planning our wedding and got bogged down in the details and the colour scheme and obsessed about my shoes (I could go on endlessly about the things I got hung up on being perfect). However if 2020 taught us anything, it taught us what we really need is often right under our noses. 

I might just add here, controversially,  that also some of the most fun and spontaneous wedding I have shot have been those that have had to change things last minute or didn’t go exactly to plan. Life isn’t all tidy and neat and perfect but when we lean into the chaos and the unexpected things just fall into place. Just. As. So. And can be all the beautiful for it.

Thank you Bethany and Euan for forging ahead and riding the wave of the unchartered waters, what magic you made and will continue to make. xx

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