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A sunset engagement shoot at Bantham Beach

It always gets to this point in the year (yep nearly the end) and I realise I have completely neglected my blog, not paid much attention to my social media accounts and all other activities that relate to to sharing my work. This is reflective of how I feel about my work; I do it entirely for my couples and families and the incredible people I get to meet every year because I really do believe that this is all about being a mirror to what I see, feel and experience of the energy of the people and places that I shoot. However, I also know that sharing my work shares that energy with others, so in turn ‘my’ people keep on coming my way. You see, so much of what I do is make sure I am right for you and vice versa because when everything aligns it feels easy. When things feel easy and relaxed the magic really does happen. Chloe and David are just that. It all aligned and we created some magic.

Enjoy imagining dancing on the warm soft sand, it’s what I do when winter comes. I wish all those in winter some apricity, my new favourite word of winter. I found it in this magical book

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