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A relaxed and colourful wedding at Ocean Studios in Plymouth – Abi & Ben

Wedding at Ocean Studios Plymouth_Bride in jumpsuitAhhh Abi & Ben… I have wanted to share your little slice of wedding magic for such a long time now! I’m SO glad I have finally made some decisions about which images to include!! It was one of those brilliant days where every shot had a sprinkling of fun and extreme happiness and I just COULD not choose for so damn long, I just had to stop overthinking it and crack on, else this beauty would be stuck in the vault forever more. This wedding was particularly special because Abi and I have been firm friends since we met working at the local art college a good 8 or so years ago… Abi and Ben also happen to be super talented illustrators and designers and make wedding invites… check out their site Dearly Beloved if you fancy getting something wondrous for your own nuptials.

She’s one of those people that lights up a room, has an infectious laugh and brings sunshine wherever she goes! She’s also effortlessly cool (probably too cool to be my mate but she’s also kind and can overlook my weird sense of scruffy grandma chic style) and rocked her wedding jumpsuit by local dressmaker Ailsa Munroe. There were TONS of mega things about Abi & Ben’s wedding that I loved, I could list it all for days… the singing in the ceremony in that amazing room at Ocean Studios, Abi’s Dad’s speech, the fun we had with the portraits before the ceremony and doing the first look all because we knew the weather would be beyond crappy in the afternoon, the fact all the suppliers were properly Plymouth local, the confetti cannons, the music, THE MUSIC, the colour, the flowers!!!, the cocktails, the hugging, the laughter, the maracas and tambourines provided to get guests involved, THE CAPE (did I mention a bridal cape eh??) the list goes on…So without further ado and a big thank you to Zephy who helped me out no end when I was massively round and pregnant…have a little look and get some loved up happy vibes for your friday. xx

Industrial wedding at Ocean Studios Plymouth_Plymouth Gin Florals_Wedding Photographer DevonIndustrial wedding at Ocean Studios Plymouth_Plymouth Gin Florals_Wedding Photographer Devon_Dearly Beloved DesignWedding Photographer Devon_Freckle Photography_Claire Kilgour florals_ Industrial Wedding PlymouthWedding Photographer Devon_Freckle Photography_Claire Kilgour florals_ Industrial Wedding PlymouthIndustrial wedding at Ocean Studios Plymouth_Ailsa Munroe Bridal Jumpsuit_Wedding Photographer Devon

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