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Christmas Family Photography in Devon- chilled, funny and full of character

My work has always been about telling stories, sometimes the big stories – like the actual getting married bit, but mainly the little ones; the ones that get so easily forgotten but are usually the ones that mean much, much more than the big ones. The best stories that there will ever be will be your family stories and the feelings that flood back when you look at photos years from now from a time that has flown by.

Since becoming a mumma bear I have really started to crave telling the stories of every day life as a family. The fleeting moments that pass us by so quickly when we are constantly trying to catch up with the laundry, cook something healthy and keep the house resembling a bit more than just a toy shop and porridge explosion, with added bits of rice and peas – they get everywhere those little buggers don’t they?

When Bex & Adam got in touch about having a family shoot just at home at Christmas time to celebrate their son’s first birthday, I immediately knew this was my second calling. It just fit so right. The simple memories are the best ones. Just them hanging out with their amazing little Alf, doing the usual things, waking up from a nap that never happened, getting dressed, cuddles and favourite stories, along side a bit of birthday present opening and a lovely walk to see some farm animals. It was gentle, relaxed and full of giggles and funny moments, my favorite being when Mummy and Daddy had a smooch and Alf yawned.

So sit tight, have a scroll and enjoy the festive family fun – maybe it’ll spur you on to book in a family shoot too? I have some space next year to make sure those chubby cheeks and squishy cuddles don’t go forgotten. xx

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