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A perfectly pretty festive wedding at Reed Hall – Sophie & Matt

Three days before Christmas day, Sophie & Matt went back to where it all started to make it last forever. Quick backstory – they met whilst students at Exeter University – more precisley at Reed Hall – both were the only ones to turn up to a meeting. So to have their wedding entirely on campus, with all that shared history, just added an edge; the old romantic in me was wondering which little spots in the grounds held the most precious memories of early love blossoming.

This was one of those days where everything fell into place so perfectly you could have been fooled into thinking there was something deeper at work. The reality was that Sophie, with some minor input from Matt (or so he said) had the wedding thing nailed. Plus that saying of the sun shines on the righteous. This was exactly the day they wanted and OH SO deserved. I felt like I was drifting around on a cloud of milky, winter light happiness all day. My heart skipped a merry beat as they had planned it so that everything got maximum daylight – no mean feat on one of the shortest days of the year!!

Before I let the photos do the talking I just have to do a few shout outs to some of the amazing wedding folk who Sophie & Matt chose – pretty good taste if I say so myself! As ever, Deborah from Dartmoor Flowers provided incredible blooms – if only you could sniff the screen – they smelt as glorious as the looked! Sophie and the girls got glammed up by Lips and Locks… the cake was by Boo to a Goose and I got to work alongside Ben from Foster Filming again who is always brilliant and laid back fun.

And to Sophie & Matt. You are so beautiful – inside and out – beyond perfect together and I feel so lucky to have met you both. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having me. xxxx

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