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An Eclectic Edwardian Dream Wedding at Coombe Trenchard

Wedding Photographer Devon“Emma! I am speechless! The light! The colours! You’re a sorceress, I tell you! We’ve been transported back in time, and it’s the best time of our lives! So many happy tears and smiley cheeks” -Rachel

Meet Rachel & Dale and their lovely dog Gypsy. Two absolutely wonderful souls. Rachel really does not realise what an incredible person she is – a true rare and exquisite beauty. Dale doesn’t realise how ace he is either. His dry wit and immaculate comic timing during his speech had everyone in tears of laughter.  They are the perfect match – so modest and quietly comfortable with one another.

Each and every wedding this year has been just so unique and SO much of the couple’s personality is woven into the day, this one included. It all took place at Coombe Trenchard – fast becoming a regular haunt of mine and one of those magical houses full of character and charm. Rachel’s sense of style and love of history and antiques just shines through (can you tell she studied Art at Central St Martins? and that is where she met Dale – so much creativity) -from her choice of dress – an original Edwardian gown from Days of Grace, to the Horn of Plenty bouquet by Amanda Randall. The details were magical but more important to Rachel & Dale was making sure their families had a fun time and good old fashioned shin dig! From Morris Dancing and a Birds of Prey display, to the hearty and massively thoughtful feast in what can only be described as the most wonderfully decorated marquee I’ve ever set my eyes upon. Each and every guest was so well looked after. We may have had to dodge crazy downpours but there were a few pops of sunshine and enough good cheer to keep everyone warm, well fed and super happy. It really was a feast for all the senses and a mega celebration of love, family and friendships. Wishing this wonderful couple and their beaut of a pooch a lifetime of fun, laughter, antiques and happiness! And a mega thank you to Zephy for second shooting for me this autumn and making sure me and bump were kept happy xx

Coombe Trenchard

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