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A colourful cliff top Cornish wedding – Rosie & Chris

A boho wedding in a tipi in CornwallA day like no other. That’s how you expect your wedding day to be right? Well is always is. Trying to explain to someone who hasn’t been married what it feels like is like trying to tell someone what it feels like to walk on the moon. It is beyond what you expect it to feel. I know how it feels. And I know how it feels to feel it with you but Rosie and Chris took the feels to another level. Sometimes you meet people (and I am luckier to do this more often than most) who just feel like a fizz of electricity; it’s like their life-force is turned up a wee bit more than ordinary folk. This, my friends, is how Rosie and Chris make you feel. This is what they said;

“We’ve kept saying how incredible it would be to be go back in time and relive the day over and again, and again and again. The energy was so brilliant and it was unreal to be on that clifftop, surrounded by all our friends and family. It couldn’t have been a better day, we were both so flipping happy

I don’t know quite how you’ve done it but you’ve managed to capture all that happiness, bottle it up and fire it back at us in photo form. Every photo, just takes you back, BAM, and you can almost hear, feel and smell everything that was going on in that exact moment. We are completely overwhelmed.”

Everything about their day was exceptional. The fact I very nearly didn’t make it but fate played a hand in making sure I could. The fact that one of my most favourite humans (you know who you are) in the world was there heading up the team at Beautiful & the Feast. The bluest of  blue skies. The deepest of turquoise seas. The most colourful wedding guests and bridesmaids. The greatest of Wild Tipis nestled into the cliffside.  And a team of wedding suppliers that felt like family. Fiona, Ro Hair, Cornish Cutting Garden, Sandy Acre 7. The simple fact that Rosie and Chris are so, so adored by everyone that meets them. There was just a perfect collision of all the good things on this day and I can only imagine what this spells for Rosie and Chris in their marriage. 

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