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Break the ‘rules’ wedding at Huntstile Organic Farm – Niamh & Conor

Wedding Photography at Huntstile Organic Farm by Devon Based Photographer Freckle PhotographyHere is the story of Niamh & Conor bottled into one day. I couldn’t have loved these guys more. True rebels and rule breakers. Hilariously funny and so damn happy together. They weddinged like no other… which in my opinion is exactly how your wedding should be – yours and yours alone. Throw out the rule book and do what the hell you like! First up they greeted me in their pants whilst Conor was ironing his shirt. This says it all – they are so relaxed in who they are that none of the usual formalities mattered one iota. Tattooed rings instead of wedding bands, a trip to the beach together before the ceremony, pizza instead of cake, a bridal cape, speeches by just the bride and groom, an 80’s cover band which was beyond rad for all us children of the 80’s…They also surprised each other all day long. The best was saved for last – a first dance to the Home & Away theme tune that Conor had no idea about. Honestly – they had to force me to leave. It was just SO them and I loved every second of it. I cannot urge you enough, if you are planning your wedding right now and feel like you have to do certain things, I’m telling you, you really don’t. It’s 2020 and anything goes. Make it your day and your friend and family will LOVE it! xx

Wedding Photography at Huntstile Orgaic Farm by Devon Wedding Photographer Freckle Photography Rad Bridal Portraits Creative Wedding Photographer Devon and Somerset Documentary Wedding Photographer Devon_Freckle Photography Wedding Photographer Devon_Relaxed and Alternative Freckle Photography_Devon based Wedding Photographer Alternative Wedding photography Devon Tattoo Wedding Rings

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