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2021 – A year all at sea in Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography in Devon by Freckle PhotographyIf 2020 was the year the world stood still, then 2021 was the year like an unpredictable ocean. Sometimes a mill pond, at other times a turbulent and tumultuous tempest. This year has certainly been, for me, the best of times and the (almost) worst of times. I have said many times this year that I have felt simultaneously incredible and a bit shit. The hardest thing to navigate on the open seas of 2021 wedding photography has been the uncertainty and the ‘lateral flow testing heart racing moments’ of will I be able to shoot the next wedding? Going to each wedding wondering how I will capture the intimacy of it all whilst ‘distancing enough’. Having anxiety about being safe enough at the current shoot so I can still be there for the next couple and the next family but also not being too far away as to lose the warmth and togetherness.

I have always made work with the aim to take you right back, to be in amongst it, close up but unseen, a weird kind of everywhere presence  but without taking up too much space or being noticed. Ultimately I had to just let go. Letting go of control and letting things just be. I have always found that I make the best work when I let go of the results, not forcing ideas but reacting to what is given and mining out the gold dust, so despite the uncertainty I felt looking back through all these images has helped me realise that I have made some of my best work. I am still growing and learning and becoming a better person and photographer because of the hard things. I didn’t know if I would find the energy to pull this blog post together so again I let go of trying to make it perfect and just went with my gut. More than ever I have noticed a common thread in the images. It has always been about seeking truth, love and connection and the invisible energy that bonds us all. Looking back I have seen even more of this. Maybe because we all felt it more readily, held the hugs harder and longer and appreciated the fleeting moments of pure love and joy more openly. I cannot tell you how often I felt my heart beating harder and fuller because of what I get to witness.

As always I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every soul who let me in and shared their greatest days and happiest moments with me. Here’s to the palpable relief of those who finally got to say ‘It’s you and me forever’ and to finally share that with their fave people. To each and every kindness I saw. And here’s to those whose 2020 wedding is still yet to take place; Hannah & Luke, Anna & Matt, Megan & Joseph, Lauren & Sam, Molly & Leo and Vicki & James your time will come and it will be magical! xx Micro Wedding in Devon - Photography by Freckle Photography Awesome confetti shot - Lamerton Church wedding by Devon based photographer Freckle Photography Father of Bride first look photo Sunset Couple Session at Bantham - pre wedding shoot with Freckle Photography Black and White natural wedding photography in Devon Speeches photos at a wedding Sunset engagement shoot at Bigbury Beach in Devon Cliff House Wedding Photography - by Freckle Photography Natural confetti photos by Wedding Photographer Emma Latham Family Photography in Devon - Freckle Photography Family Photography in Devon - Freckle Photography Shilstone Wedding Photography - By Freckle Photography Shilstone Wedding Photography - By Freckle Photography Bride gets ready black and white photography by Freckle Photography - Devon based photographer Middle Coombe Farm Wedding photography in Devon Engagement shoot at Saunton Sands by Freckle Photography- Devon Wedding Photographer Engagement shoot at Saunton Sands by Freckle Photography- Devon Wedding Photographer Wedding details ideas - by Freckle Photography Father of Bride first look photo at Camel Studios by Freckle PhotographyPre Wedding Photos at Hope Cove by Freckle Photography - Engagement shoot ideas Wedding Photos at Brentor - by Freckle Photography Camel Studio Wedding in Cornwall - Outdoor First Dance - Photo by Freckle Photography Couple Portraits in Exmouth by Freckle Photography First Dance photos - Salcombe Devon - By Freckle Photography Engagement shoot at Sunset at Bigbury - Photography by Freckle Photography Outdoor First dance at Wonwood Barton - by Devon based Photographer Freckle Photography Relaxed and Natural Family Photography Devon & Cornwall

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