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Twenty Seventeen – a year of love, life and cooking a teacake!

Confetti_wedding Photography TrevennaSo long 2017 – what a year you were! As I sit here with just a week until baby ‘Teacake’ is due it makes me smile to think that at all but three of the weddings I photographed last year had a secret and then not so secret ‘not on the table plan’ guest! As always I was overwhelmed by just how wonderful all my couples are. I love each and every one of you and am SO so grateful that I got to play a part in keeping your  best day ever memories safe. I literally have no idea how I always get so lucky and get to meet and share these days with some of the most genuine, caring, big hearted and loving people on the planet. I feel so happy that I got so many thoughtful thank you gifts this year too, from amazingly snuggly scarfs to bath time goodies – you lot really are so generous and thoughtful! I was also super lucky to get some wonderful second shooters this year – thanks SO much to Becky, Amy, Zephy, Alice, Margo and Lucy who helped me out, made sure I stayed hydrated and looked after me when the bump got big!

I could say so much about each and every couple that I have photographed this year but I think the images say so much more about them and their love for one another. The overriding feeling was one of complete and utter rightness together (it makes you really believe in fate this job) and making sure everyone had an awesome time – you really are a thoughtful and kind bunch of lovelies.

So here is a selection of my fave wedding day moments and engagement shoot highlights from 2017 – it has taken me weeks to get the number of images down to just over 100. It could have easily been over 500 but no one in their right mind would want to subject their scrolling finger to that madness! So limber up for a short ish stroll through some of the magic of 2017… I may be quite busy over the next few months but will be raring to go again come late spring! Bring on the warmer weather, the longer days and the hazy sunshine please 🙂 xxPlymouth Wedding Photographer_The Loft_Gold Confetti CanonsColourful Boho Wedding in DevonAutumn Wedding at Huntsham Court by Freckle PhotographyEngagement shoot at sunset on Brentor_Dartmoor_Devon_by Freckle Photography



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