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A relaxed Tipi Wedding in Devon – Becky & Adam

Wedding Photographer DevonBecky and Adam’s wedding went like this; Straycroft – an idyllic thatched cottage, nestled into a hidden corner of East Devon’s green hills, where it all began on the front steps one day. Adam proposed right there. Nowhere else would be more fitting for such a wonderfully relaxed and homespun wedding than at home in their own back garden.

Just up the road Adam put on his suit – with security tag still attached – he told me he totally didn’t steal it. Meanwhile Ivy the dog lazed out in the last bursts of summer’s sunshine. Butterflies danced as the guests took their seats and a beautiful Bride stepped into her stunning second hand dress from Browns of Totnes in her own bedroom overlooking the imminent ceremony.

The vows they exchanged were so personal and so real; full of simultaneous laughter and tears – cry-laughs I’ll call them – they are commonplace at weddings. Moments later a flurry of homegrown rose petal confetti,  then a swift and easy procession into the field where in incredibly dressed World Inspired Tipi stood for a right good old shindig. Loads of gin, cheese, dancing in front of fire pits, hugs and kisses a plenty. SO many smiles – everyone had such a mega time, they really did – just look at the photos. The rest of the day just followed suit; heartfelt, home made, ridiculously stylish and full of SO much damn love it left goosebumps on my goosebumps (and it wasn’t cold even for September). All topped off with a lump-in-throat first dance that Adam had secretly planned despite massive protests that he was no way doing a first dance.

Thank you to Zephy for second shooting for me. This girl take take killer cheese and confetti shots to name a few. Becky and Adam (plus Ivy the dog) THANK YOU sooooo much for choosing me to be your photographer – it was so damn ace. xx

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