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A colourful and relaxed wedding at Hayne Devon – Chloe & Mike

Wedding at Hayne Devon by Freckle PhotographyIt’s about bloody time I update you all with what has been going on…but first here is Chloe & Mike – their blog post sitting patiently and prettily as a draft for well over 9 months and now it is about 15 months since they said their forevers – YIKES. They got married at one of my new favourite wedding venues – Hayne Devon. As you will see Chloe & Mike had the most brilliantly boho and colourful day in the late September sunshine. I am definitely going to let the photos do the talking as usual as my writing skills have become somewhat rusty and I think baby brain is still lingering…

Sorry to hijack your post Chloe and Mike with my own news but I feel I should justify why I haven’t been sharing all this loved up, sunshiney goodness. I have been the most rubbish ever at updating my website and blog because one year and one day ago little Matilda burst into our lives (quite literally – it was a super quick birth) and has been wreaking havoc on my ability to do much more than the essentials of shooting wonderful weddings and editing them. I decided to pare back Freckle for a bit and take a few ‘fallow’ years – shooting just over 50% what I’d normally do – so last year I only shot 17 weddings and 20 engagement sessions. This also meant putting all my energy into the soul of this business – the photography. This year I am doing the same so 2019 is fully booked now. This means each and every couple still gets my whole heart on the day and all of my fizzy enthusiasm and excitedness! It’s only fair to my little family to make these precious golden years about making memories for us as well as for all my super ace couples. I promise I will share some images of our little Tilly Teacake soon but until then here is what also makes my heart beat faster. True love by the bucketload under blue skies…

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