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A Boho Woodland Wedding of Wonders – Em & Milky

Relaxed Wedding Photography in Devon

Oh man. These two. THIS is how to wedding. How to love. How to live. Em & Christian (aka Milky) got married last summer and it has been more than just a day. These two have hearts of gold and I swear just a little bit of pure magic from some other universe… I could wax lyrical all day but the reality is I am lost for words because what they have together is way, way more than a few sentences on their wedding photographer’s blog post. This day was a reflection of everything they are, the love they have surrounding them and the sheer joy they bring to others. The whole day felt akin to being hugged like crazy, at one with nature under a canopy of trees with some of the kindest souls on earth.

And because I don’t know what to say – here’s what they said when they saw their photos…

“Emmmmmmm, oh my oh my. 

We literally cannot be more obsessed with our photos – our vain is that?! I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve looked through them and each time finding a new favourite. You are the most beautiful kind of insane at what you do, and we want to give you the tightest, extended squeezy hug ever. We are heartbroken we don’t get an excuse to see you again – you’ve been everything and more we could ever have wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

(See I told you – they are just so kind and magical) How LUCKY I am to get to do this job? To meet such super humans and see what makes the world keep turning. xx

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