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A quirky, vintage themed wedding at Coombe Farm Woods in Devon – Genna & Ollie

I knew from the minute I got Genna’s first email that I was going to LOVE their wedding, she had so many great ideas and was planning their wedding in little more than 6 months! When I met Genna and Olly we ended up chatting for hours about their plans and drinking tea happily as if we had known each  other for years, not minutes.  I could clearly see their love for one another and how important it was to them both to have a relaxed wedding day full of their personality and thoughtful touches. There was a clear influence from the romance of a midsummer’s night dream and a whimsical vintage theme that really made the day feel truly magical. It all happened on a hot, sunny in July at the wonderful Coombe Farm Woods

Genna’s beautiful dress was vintage and restyled to suit her perfectly by her brother and sister in law who own White Leaf Boutique in Brighton. She looked so effortlessly elegant.

I loved so much about this wedding. The pagan ceremony under the ancient oak tree was beautiful and oh so personal as they read the vows they had written for one another…  The decor was outstandingly creative and perfectly suited this wonderful couple’s style and sense of fun. The flowers were simply perfect for the day, rustic and charming from Peamore Flora. I loved that Genna and Olly were up for steering away from the all the usual group photos and used animal masks to liven things up! The cake had real lavender on it and was like no cake I have ever seen before, so simple but pretty. But best of all was that Genna and Olly enjoyed every minute and looked utterly, utterly happy together, wishing you a very long and happy marriage xx


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