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A Small Dartmoor Photography Workshop for Wedding Photographers

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Monday 2nd October 2017

On the fringes of Dartmoor at Swallow Barn in Lydford, then onto the open moors

10am to 6.30pm ish


I’m taking the plunge into doing something that terrifies me but will also hopefully be really beneficial to the little group that come along (if anyone does – yikes!!!).  For a while now I have had a fair few fellow photographers look to me for advice and guidance and although it seems a mystery to me as to why they ask me, I do know deep down that I am doing something that really works with my business, plus I’m pretty good at sharing and giving advice it turns out! I won a couple of awards and my seriously sparkling couples keep on coming me to me and trusting me with their best day ever memories. So it’s about time I pass it on and offer to share the love a bit and put on a workshop. I kind of don’t like the word workshop – it reminds me of woodwork lessons at school, but I have attended a couple of really amazing ones in the past three years that have helped me gain confidence and more than anything gave me permission to do things my way, not be afraid and trust in myself – if I can give that to a few other folk then I shall be so happy. So without further ado here’s the lowdown;

What will I learn?

The main focus will be on how I get the best out of my couples and make them feel happy and comfortable

I’ll talk you through my approach and how I use not just my eyes, but all my senses to feel my way through the wedding day (I know sounds a bit weird eh?)

We will discuss how I find the energy, empathy and emotion in making images and you’ll get to try this out in a couples shoot at sunset on Dartmoor (I can’t tell you how excited I am about this bit! Plus we have the glorious Sarah-Jane & Adam above to be our real couple – they are just the cutest- no fake love here – it’s the real thing)

I’ll take you through my all processes. From initial contact through to delivering images

We will address how to prioritise within your business – there is always more you can do but we will discuss what is most important to you

I’ll give you tools to assess your strengths and weaknesses and way to build upon both

We will talk about branding, identity and using this to make sure you and your couples click

We will address equipment and kit – although this will be short and sweet

Editing and Workflow – how to keep this efficient and consistent

Marketing and Websites – it’s a minefield but I’ll share my tips

Open Q&A session – no holds barred

Pricing – how to figure that old chestnut out

What do I get?

Some super helpful resources to help streamline, improve and add value to your business

A little box of goodies to help you push things forward

Some ace couple images for your portfolio

Some new photography friends!

We will also have a scrumptious lunch and time to have a natter. Plus cake. There will be cake.

Who is it for?

This is definitely a wedding photography workshop but if you shoot couples/pre wedding/engagements then it will also be relevant. I guess that mainly it will work best for folk who are just starting their business or a year or two in and want to take things to the next stage. The best thing to do is see how much of the above is stuff you think you need – if it ticks most the boxes then it will be helpful to you. I want to keep it really small and personal so am limiting numbers to 8 people. If you are interested drop me a line! wedding photographer dartmoorAwesome Dartmoor engagement shoot _Rainbow


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