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Family Photography in Devon & Cornwall

It has been my intention to add family photography to run alongside weddings for SUCH a long time now. Our little girl will turn three in the new year and since before she arrived I knew that my work would go this way. But being so -if I’m honest- utterly overwhelmed, as a new mum I just never had the time to get the ball rolling. In fact I think I did amazingly to be juggling everything with a newborn, running a business alongside learning how the hell to be a good parent! New parents. I hear you. Thank heavens the love gets you through the steepest learning curve and the hideous depths of sleep deprivation.

I also know how fleeting this time is and before you know it your baby is a little person asking you questions about how the world works (but also making you listen to the side of the bath in wonder as it fills up shouting “Mummy it’s like a waterfall!!”) My darling girl Tilly, you have opened my eyes up to seeing the world afresh, slowing down and listening. Toddlers are so damn good at mindfulness.

I digress.  So I get it, these memories fade all too fast. So here comes the photo bit… with connection and real feelings at the heart of it, the photographs I have been making since I actually said yes to a few ‘I don’t know if you do this but will you photography my family?’ emails the resounding answer is is now hell yeah. My sister website is here.

I cannot tell you how much this new little venture makes my heart soar. Stories, energy and connection have always been at the heart of what I do so it makes absolute sense to do this too. We are all made up of memories but they get dusty and crackled like an old vinyl as time goes by.  If we can have ways to bring it all back clearer once the fogs of time sweep in then why the hell not. Your children will thank you for it.

Relaxed Family Photography in Devon and Cornwall

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