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A wet and wild Dartmoor Engagement shoot – Anna & Byron

Dartmoor. Where there is rain and just a smidge of sunshine you can always find rainbows. This was one of those magical days where we got ALL of the weather. I love Devon for this. The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean brings changeable skies. Dartmoor is known for its four seasons in one day and I cannot tell you how much I love shooting up there. It always brings surprises and the light… anyone who knows me knows how much I bang on about the light but hey, it’s my creative currency. 

So here is Anna & Byron – from this time last year. Ok 2020 you have thrown us all eh? It has given and taken so much, shifted perceptions of what is important, created space for a sea of change and I truly believe we are on a pivot point, standing at the edge of a precipice of monumental societal change. The lessons this year has brought, the demons we have had to face. The upside down feeling we have all encountered. So it is clear why things got missed and forgotten, only to resurface again when the time is right. I just went into my blog images drafts folder on my desktop and found this beauty waiting in the wings. 

Personally I have been on a wonderful and terrifying journey; soul searching and rebuilding and finding new ways of being and doing and that includes creativity too. Everything have shifted and that is SO okay. The essence of my photography has not changed at all, it is still so much about the energy I feel when I’m with people, being vulnerable together and finding the unexpected beauty. But most of all it is about people, connections and their stories. It always has been and it always will be.  

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