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A sea of love at Tunnels Beaches – Ciaran & Liam

Weddings for me are ALWAYS about the people. Although the details tell you about the couple and add fun and colour to the day the real magic comes from the relationships and connections between everyone. Those life long friendships and family tapestries. The hugs, the squeezes of hands, the laughter and words of encouragement, the faces in the crowd just willing you with all their hearts the very best for you, it is a microcosm of all the best bits of humanity amplified.  For me it’s about telling these stories, not just the couple’s story but the little stories of what came before, what made each half of the whole them and also a glimpse of what is yet to come. Essentially it’s all about feelings and isn’t that what life is all about anyway? Feeling it all and drinking it up.

This was one of those days where the love spilled over so clearly and warmly. It was quite honestly pure gold.

A marriage is not made in a day – it is woven over weeks and months and these two are already nailing it. It felt like they had been married for years. Yet this was just the first day. It felt like a huge cheer and a push towards the future. Like an unstoppable tide of love and happiness. It filled us all up to brim with pure joy and although I smile a lot anyway I think even my gums dried out from all the grinning! I cannot tell you in words how much fun we all had, but the photos do, so soak it all up!

Thank you Ciaran & Liam for an incredible day. It really was one of the greatest days ever. xx

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