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A relaxed eco conscious Middle Coombe Farm Wedding – Steph & Morgan

A woodland ceremony under the branches of an ancient Oak. A barefoot bride and groom. DIY details and homemade outfits. Sunshine and loam. Heartfelt songs and a myriad of musical instruments. The heady scent of pine sap in the air. Middle Coombe Farm is SUCH a magical place for a wedding; it quickens my heart and attracts the kind of people that I love to meet. Steph & Morgan are such wonderful humans. They were true to themselves and created a day that was down to earth, eco conscious, unfussy and perfectly them. When two wild, free-spirited souls come together, that love cannot be contained. It spills out and makes magic wherever they go. This is what that looks like. Wasn’t I so lucky to capture it? I wish you both, and Zack the dog who tried to photo bomb every photo and rightly so, a world of everlasting starry nights and a life like beautiful poetry, always xx

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